Base Camp Digital Series:

Digital Twin, Asset Behavior and Other Strategies to Jumpstart and Sustain Digital Transformation

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Originally Recorded: June 12, 2020

Speakers:CChad Stoecker, Global Vice President, Industrial Managed Services, GE Digital
                   Irene Petrick, Senior Director of Industrial Innovation, IoT Group, Intel

Sponsors:   Inductive Automation (Platinum Sponsor), Everactive, HULFT,  Litmus, Nikola Labs and Opto22

Moderator: Chris McNamara, Editor in Chief, Smart Industry

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Presenter 1: Chad Stoecker

Among the most useful concepts to arise from the Industry 4.0 movement is that of the digital twin and its lifecycle counterpart, the digital thread. Effectively a software representation of a particular physical asset, the digital twin is designed to optimize that asset’s operation, including the detection, prediction and prevention of adverse outcomes in the real world.

Join Chad to:

  • Learn simple methods to put digital twins and threads to work at your enterprise
  • Discover how industrial data from a variety of sources is combined with first-principles and statistical models of asset behavior and used to predict potentially adverse conditions
  • Explore how your data can inform operating parameters that result in optimal asset performance at your facility

Presenter 2: Irene Petrick

With the increasing proliferation of data, connectivity and processing power at the edge,  the IIoT is becoming more accessible. However, successful adoption remains out of reach for many: two of three companies piloting digital-manufacturing solutions fail to move into large-scale rollout. (Sound familiar?)

Join Irene to:

  • Learn about the five challenges that commonly derail smart solutions
  • Discover how innovators overcoming these obstacles and successfully transforming their organizations
  • Dive into twelve strategies to jumpstart and sustain your digital transformation

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Meet the presenters

chad stoeckerChad Stoecker
Global Vice President
Industrial Managed Services
GE Digital

A mechanical engineer by training, Stoecker began his career as engineer and project manager studying the operating characteristics and failure modes of dozens of types of dynamic systems across the power, nuclear, oil and gas, and wind industries. Today he leads GE Digital’s Industrial Managed Services business, a global team of customer reliability engineers and senior customer reliability managers that are focused on delivering high-value monitoring solutions to clients in the power, oil & gas, mining, and aviation industries.

Irene PatrickIrene Petrick
Senior Director of Industrial Innovation, IoT Group

Irene J. Petrick, PhD, joined Intel in 2015 and is senior director of industrial innovation in the Internet of Things Group. She focuses on emerging technology, social, and global trends and their combined impact on the industrial space. Her work highlights the industrial internet of things, edge computing, the transition to intelligent manufacturing and the needs of the future workforce, 3D printing and distributed manufacturing and the new business models that are enabled by intelligent manufacturing.


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