Base Camp Digital Series
Keynote: Removing the Obstacles
to Industrial IoT at Scale

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Originally Recorded:
May 1st, 2020

Base Camp Digital sponsors: Inductive Automation (Platinum Sponsor), Everactive, HULFT,  Litmus, Nikola Labs and Opto22

Keynote Speaker: Travis Cox, Co-Director of Sales Engineering, Inductive Automation

Moderator: Chris McNamara, Editor in Chief, Smart Industry

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Among the new technologies in the automation space is scalable software that can affordably accommodate the increasing amounts of data demanded by the digital enterprise. Such software can come pre-installed on an increasingly powerful range of industrial PCs and edge devices that, through industry standards such as OPC UA and MQTT, allow ready integration with existing automation systems as well as mobile devices and the cloud. But you need to know how to use it properly. 

Join Travis for this webinar to: 
  • Learn how scalable IIoT systems—from single nodes to entire enterprises—can be implemented at your enterprise.
  • Discover ways to quickly include legacy assets in this data-driven approach. 
  • Capitalize on new capabilities enabled by mobile functionality, cloud computing and a digital-first mindset among your workforce. 

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Meet the Presenter 

Travis Cox, Co-Director of Sales Engineering, Inductive AutomationTravis Cox
Co-Director of Sales Engineering
Inductive Automation

Travis Cox started with Inductive Automation in 2003 and his previous positions at the company include director of training and director of support. He has overseen numerous successful launches of HMI and SCADA projects across various diverse industries. His exemplary work as an Ignition trainer and sales engineer has helped produce hundreds of vocal Ignition advocates who continue to  drive the company’s growth.


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