Base Camp Digital Series:
Aligning IT, OT and Your Exploding Data to Launch
Your IIoT Program

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Originally Recorded:
 May 15th, 2020

Base Camp Digital sponsors: Inductive Automation (Platinum Sponsor), Everactive, HULFT,  Litmus, Nikola Labs and Opto22

Speakers:   Chris Misztur, Principal, Mr. IIoT
                    Ryan Ripley, Principal, TMR Consulting
                    Jolene Baker, Senior Manufacturing Intelligence Specialist, Logical Systems Inc.
                    James Bronstein, Principal Engineer, Ghost Solutions

Moderator: Chris McNamara, Editor in Chief, Smart Industry

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Presenter 1 & 2: Chris Misztur & Ryan Ripley

For many industrial organizations, an essential first step in enabling digital transformation is tapping into the isolated islands of plant-floor data that exist in legacy equipment and disparate systems that were never designed to communicate with one another.

Join Chris and Ryan to:

  • Employ today’s increasingly powerful communication standards and translation tools to pull together the data needed to provide real-time visibility into equipment performance
  • Learn ways to build a digitally driven foundation for coordinated and optimized production
  • Align your IT and OT teams and techniques to move from islands of OT to true operational transparency

Presenters 3 & 4: Jolene Baker & James Bronstein

The rise of more capable networks together with local and cloud-based storage computing power gave rise to the reams of “big” data that for many industrial organizations remain an untapped source of process intelligence. Yes, there are powerful algorithms available that can help identify patterns in all that data, but brute force statistics aren’t all that’s needed to draw meaningful conclusions.

Join Jolene and James to:

  • Explore modern methods to optimizing a wide range of industrial processes
  • Discuss the pitfalls and opportunities afforded by modern analytical methods
  • Get started—strategically—with data analytics to empower your digital transformation

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Meet the Presenters 

Chris Misztur, Principal, Mr.  IIoTChris Misztur
Mr. IIoT

A passionate advocate for manufacturing digitalization, Misztur and his team at Mr. IIoT help industrial organizations to fill the gap between IT and OT systems, so they can realize greater value from their capital equipment and processes. Key deliverables include the identification of waste and improvement opportunities through fact-finding, data collection, integration and analysis. Further, they work to reduce labor and quality costs by bridging IT, OT and enterprise systems and eliminating non-value-added work. Before founding Mr. IIoT, Misztur served as digital transformation manager for MacLean-Fogg, a manufacturer of fasteners and other components. 

Ryan Ripley, Vice President Business Transformation, MacLean-FoggRyan Ripley
TMR Consulting

Ryan Ripley is a lifelong manufacturing executive with a history of driving results.  He has served in multiple capacities since beginning his manufacturing career as an engineering intern in 1995 until early 2020 when he founded his own firm, TMR Consulting, LLC.  Work in engineering, production, operations management and innovation paved the way to Ryan’s most recent executive role, Vice President of Business Transformation at the MacLean-Fogg Company.  With roots in the Midwest and an international perspective on business, Ryan is passionate about the power and importance of the global manufacturing base. 

Jolene Baker, Sr. Manufacturing Intelligence Specialist, Logical Systems, Inc.Jolene Baker
Senior Manufacturing Intelligence Specialist
Logical Systems, Inc.

A specialist in data intelligence and system integration, Jolene Baker enjoys investigating digital pain points for LSI’s industrial clients and developing strategies that help to optimize business ecosystem processes and opportunity costs. Successful at improving digital workflow, performance, efficiency and scalability, she is PE licensed in several states including Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. She enjoys being technically challenged is dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations.

James Bronstein, Principal Engineer, Ghost SolutionsJames Bronstein
Principal Engineer
Ghost Solutions

James Bronstein is a hands-on process/project engineer with more than 15 years of experience in chemical industries, including 12 years in the soda ash industry. Strengths include project management in research, design, and implementation of systems with aspiration, fluids, steam and condensate, combustion, controls, boilers, power generation and distribution, mass and energy balances, conveying, ductwork, spouting, steel structures, equipment customization and new process chemistry. He enjoys fieldwork, working with teams, and process optimization in a demanding and challenging environment.


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