Base Camp Digital Series:

The Mobil Serv Approach to Prescriptive Maintenance and
New Technology for Our Trusty Toolboxes: Accelerate Automation while Boosting Your Scalability, Security and Performance

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Originally Recorded: June 19, 2020

Speakers:      Adam McMurtrey, CMRP, ExxonMobil Field Engineer
                       Jason Hamlin, Chief Operations Officer, InstruLogic
                       Benson Hougland, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy, Opto 22

Sponsors:   Inductive Automation (Platinum Sponsor), Everactive, HULFT,  Litmus, Nikola Labs and Opto22

Moderator: Chris McNamara, Editor in Chief, Smart Industry

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Presenter #1: Adam McMurtrey, CMRP, ExxonMobil Field Engineer

Artificial intelligence, big data and the IIoT all have the potential to radically improve operational performance; but technology alone won’t solve these challenges. Insights into human behavior are necessary to effectively leverage data to drive operations and maintenance improvements. For example, technology won’t tell you which data amongst a dataset is most important to improving reliability of a gearbox nor how that effort impacts your overarching program. This presentation will outline a human-centered, technology blueprint to build a best-in-class operation that provides the operational intelligence necessary to properly interpret actionable data and improve overall equipment efficiency and productivity.

THREE TAKEAWAYS:  Join Adam to learn new techniques for using your data to boost your efficiency.

  1. The emergence of Industry 4.0 and the connected plant offers the promise of an exciting future, but technological advancements on their own are not enough to reap the maximum benefits.
  2. Unlocking the full power of Industry 4.0 requires a human-led approach in order for operators to better understand the dependences of the specific operation.
  3. When implemented properly, Industry 4.0 will allow operators access to far more actionable insights based on the specific operation's goals.

Presenters 2 & 3: Jason Hamlin, Chief Operations Officer, Instrulogic & Benson Hougland, VP of Marketing & Product Strategy, Opto 22

As our industry transitions into the next wave of productivity under the banner of Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, or the more broadly defined digital transformation, we reach into our trusty toolbox of technology to build or augment systems to address the opportunity. However, our traditional tools weren’t designed for the challenges that lie ahead, and they can limit the opportunity for real change or, worse, hold back projects from reaching their potential.

In this webinar, we’ll introduce new tools and technologies that leverage your existing systems—adding scalability, security and performance—and springboard your digital transformation projects forward.

You’ll learn more about:

  • The differences between poll-response and publish-subscribe data communications
  • Ways to use edge computing to create a secure foundation for connected systems
  • How to break free from aging automation paradigms to solve problems and democratize data 

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Meet the presenters

Adam-McMurtry,-CMRP,-ExxonMobilAdam McMurtrey
ExxonMobil Field Engineer

Adam McMurtrey is a Mobil Serv Field Engineer based in the Midwest where he untangles operational inefficiencies for manufacturers. He is an author, speaker, and engineer passionate about enhancing the productivity and technological performance of U.S. manufacturing. It is deeply fulfilling to him to help his clients succeed by improving their manufacturing process while also using data and dashboards to help sustain improvements.

Jason-Hamlin,-COO,-InstruLogicJason Hamlin
Chief Operations Officer

InstruLogic is a water/wastewater focused systems integrator and engineering services provider. As Chief Operations Officer, Jason Hamlin is directly involved in maintaining and growing the customer service reputation InstruLogic is known for. Whether it's helping technicians get the tools and training they need for success, or building strategic relationships with suppliers, he keeps the needs of customers in mind. Jason strives to provide best value solutions that include products, software, methods, and installations which are robust, cost effective, best-practice, and innovative. Jason upholds InstruLogic’s mission for keeping water clean, safe, and accessible to all.

Benson-Hougland,-VP-of-Marketing-&-Product-Strategy,-Opto-22Benson Hougland
VP of Marketing & Product Strategy
Opto 22

With 30 years’ experience in information technology and industrial automation, Benson Hougland drives strategy for Opto 22 products connecting the real world of OT to the systems and networks of IT. Benson speaks at trade shows and conferences, including IBM Think, ARC Forum, and ISA. His 2014 TEDx Talk introduces non-technical people to the IoT.


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