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Industrial Data Analytics for Everyone -

Simple Solutions You Can Implement Right Now

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Originally Recorded:
October 9, 2020

Speakers:  Jolene Baker, Senior Manufacturing Intelligence Specialist, Logical Systems Inc.
                   James Bronstein, Principal Engineer, Ghost Solutions

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Moderator: Chris McNamara, Editor in Chief, Smart Industryatr: Chris McNamara, Editor in Chief, Smart Industry

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Everybody is doing data analytics, right? (Wrong.) And everybody is doing data analytics properly, right? (Wrong.) While we all know that data analytics is the crux of smart manufacturing, there's still a huge percentage of us not doing it properly or not doing it at all. But fear not...getting started can be simple, and scaling early wins can be done quickly with the right guidance.

Join Jolene and James during this webinar to:  

  • Demystify data analytics and learn ways to get started—now—at your facility 
  • Get a full grasp on how data analytics can improve the way you work, from boosting efficiency to slashing downtime to empowering your personnel to work smarter 
  • Explore the quickest wins that validate your early efforts with using data 

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Meet the presenters

Jolene Baker_Logical_SystemsJolene Baker
Senior Manufacturing Intelligence Specialist
Logical Systems, Inc.

A specialist in data intelligence and system integration, Jolene Baker enjoys investigating digital pain points for LSI’s industrial clients and developing strategies that help to optimize business ecosystem processes and opportunity costs. Successful at improving digital workflow, performance, efficiency and scalability, she is PE licensed in several states including Wyoming, Colorado and Utah. She enjoys being technically challenged is dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations.

James Bronstein, Ghost SolutionsJames Bronstein
Principal Engineer
Ghost Solutions

James Bronstein is a hands-on process/project engineer with more than 15 years of experience in chemical industries, including 12 years in the soda ash industry. Strengths include project management in research, design, and implementation of systems with aspiration, fluids, steam and condensate, combustion, controls, boilers, power generation and distribution, mass and energy balances, conveying, ductwork, spouting, steel structures, equipment customization and new process chemistry. He enjoys fieldwork, working with teams, and process optimization in a demanding and challenging environment.


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