Protect Your Enterprise in the Age of New Threats: Integrated Security in the Digital Enterprise

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In the past, the operational focus for industry was on safety, reliability, and system resiliency. However, the digital industrial revolution has now made cybersecurity another essential aspect of industrial operations. So how can we adequately address all of these aspects without interfering with business processes? In this webinar, we’ll discuss the evolving vision of an end-to-end security architecture, including various technologies and strategies to protect valuable systems and equipment while allowing digital applications, processes, and data sharing to flourish.

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Scott Coleman
Director of Marketing & Product Management
Owl Cyber Defense

Scott joined the Owl team in 2014, bringing with him a strong technical background with 30+ years of experience working for high tech, B2B companies that ranged from startups to large multi-nationals. Starting as a software engineer, Scott’s career progressed to leadership positions in both product management and marketing.  His experience centers on real-time network solutions covering a number of industries including critical infrastructure, cybersecurity, wiretapping, healthcare, telecommunications, logistics and call centers for both the private and public sectors.

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