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It’s tough to predict the future. This is particularly true in the world of digital transformation, which is still in its infancy—or its toddler stage for early adopters—and the rules and tools at play seem to be in constant flux. But there are hugely successful enterprises in this space, and it benefits all of us to learn from their recent pasts and rely on their predictions of what’s to come in Industry 4.0 and beyond.

This tech report includes features on:

  • New reasons to be excited about digital transformation
  • IIoT asset-management trends
  • Reasons to invest in an IIoT-development platform
  • Operating your facility proactively
  • Elements of the “factory of the future”
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"The ability to gather new information and insights into assets and business-critical processes AND act upon issues in the present tense is proving extremely valuable to the industrial marketplace."