The Edge Will Eat The Cloud

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Don't fear the Edge!

It’s daunting, for sure. Suddenly manufacturers who have been successful for decades must connect machines that have never been connected. They must change mindsets of their personnel, alter business practices, take on new roles and purchase new equipment. And perhaps the biggest change/challenge/opportunity is this: business leaders must start to recognize the true value in edge computing. Join IoTium Founder and CEO, Ron Victor, as he provides a tutorial on reaping rewards that are increasingly present at your enterprise’s edge assets.

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Ron Victor
Founder & CEO

Ron Victor is a Silicon Valley-based technology entrepreneur with 20 years of experience and expertise launching new ventures at startups and Fortune 1000 technology companies. To date he has enabled raising more than $30 million in startup capital for multiple startups in Silicon Valley. Ron has founded and led three companies to date with successful exits.

His latest venture is IoTium Inc. -- a Silicon Valley startup that provides a secure, cloud-managed, easy-to-deploy software defined network infrastructure for all IoT verticals. IoTium's secure, horizontal, dynamically-configurable and scalable IoT network infrastructure solution significantly reduces the complexities for any IoT deployment including smart cities, smart grids, building automation, energy installations, industrial automation, transportation and more. Ron's experience and expertise cover a vast range of activities ranging from global business development, strategic planning, sales and marketing, intellectual property and engineering development. His domain experience and expertise includes, IoT, wireless networking, VoIP, streaming media and broadband.


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