Building IIoT Data Streams with
Open Source Platforms

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Originally Recorded:
September 18, 2019

Sponsor: InfluxData

Speaker: Craig Hobbs, Engineer & Expert, InfluxData

Moderator: Chris McNamara, Content Director, Smart Industry


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We all want reliable data streams that are highly available, provide full data-stream collection (no sampling needed), and offer near real-time delivery. So how do we build them? 

Attend the webinar to learn:
  • How to build a careful, thoughtful IIoT plan that deploys— successfully—with ease.
  • How to positively manage the required changes to business practices, data-collection infrastructure, back-end IT systems, and the people involved in your IIoT journey.
  • How to sharpen your focus on one benefit of your journey; the IIoT has the power to solve many problems, but not all at once. 

Learn how to build workflows to gain highly-available, fast, scalable and reliable data streams that deliver real-world insights into optimizing your operations.

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Meet the Speaker 

Craig Hobbs-2Craig Hobbs
Engineer & Expert

Craig Hobbs has years of experience keeping complex systems performing and keeping salespeople honest. His specialties include solution architecture, project management, POC design/development, software customization, technical training, ETL automation and application integration/deployment.