The Critical, First Steps in Your IIoT Journey


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Originally Recorded:
October 9, 2019

Sponsor: Red Lion Controls

Speaker: Colin Geis, Director of Product Management for Data Acquisition and IIoT Technologies,
Red Lion Controls

Moderator: Chris McNamara, Content Director, Smart Industry

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Have you struggled with transforming your business practices and evolving manufacturing processes with the goal of optimizing production cycles?

You're not alone. 

The solution is taking a strategic, pragmatic approach and focusing on key targets that enable a smooth, quick path to rewards. 

Attend the webinar to learn:

  • How to build a careful, thoughtful IIoT plan that deploys— successfully—with ease.
  • How to positively manage the required changes to business practices, data-collection infrastructure, back-end IT systems, and the people involved in your IIoT journey.
  • How to sharpen your focus on one benefit of your journey; the IIoT has the power to solve many problems, but not all at once. 

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Meet the Speaker 

Colin GeisColin Geis
Director of Product Management
Data Acquisition and IIoT Technologies
Red Lion Controls

Colin Geis is the Director of Product Management for Data Acquisition and IIoT Technologies at Red Lion Controls. His involvement in IOT and strong focus on customers enables Red Lion to continuously stay at the leading edge of communication and control technologies helping customers solve challenging problems.


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